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Civil Construction of Building
Area College: 15108
Hospital (including OPD) : 47496
Hostel & Residential Complex : 26756

The college buildings are already constructed and complete and are housed in four blocks viz A B C & D. The A Block houses the Administrative and the Academic Facilities. B Block houses the para clinical subjects and their laboratries. C Block houses the lecture theater complex. The D Block houses the pre and para clinicel subjects and thier laboratries.
(a). Administrative & Academic Office A Block:
(b). Anatomy D Block:
(c). Physiology D Block:
(d). Biochemistry D Block:
(e). Pharmacology B Block:
(f). Pathology B Block:
(g). Microbiology B Block:
(h). Forensic Medicine D Block:
(i). Community Medicine B Block:
Engineering Service and equipments The Medical College and Hospital is supplied by 11 KV 3 phase line with a sanctioned load of 2000 KW. Presently the present consumption is consuming 1700 KW and the load will be increased in phased manner gradually as per requirement

The hospital has 4 transformers of 1000 KVA each (3 nos for general load and one for A/C plant) with 3 phase line electrical supply with a sanctioned load of 2000 KW. There are 4 nos of DG sets (one of 625 KVA for A/C plant and two nos of 500 KVA for electrical load and 1 nos of 100 KVA for STP respectively). In addition 2 DG sets of 250 KVA are installed for the college load.

Water supply is abundantly available and the hospital is having a total of 11.08 lac liter water storage capacity and water is available from Delhi Jal Board & through borewells.

The Sewage disposal system is developed by the Delhi Municipal Corporation and an in house sewage treatment plant is available in the hospital campus.

The hospital has proper Biomedical Waste Disposal system and has tie-up with a Govt. nominated body for the disposal of waste.
Phasing of commissioning All the blocks are already complete and ready for occupation. The necessary changes required for the departments as per the dynamic growth of the college will be done accordingly.