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Dr Achal Gulati (Director Principal)

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  41. Contributor to training manuals on ear & hearing care for the National Programme of Prevention and Control of Deafness (For the Paramedical Work force)under the ministry of health & family welfare, Govt. Of India, 2008
  42. Contributor to training manuals on ear & hearing care for the National Programme of Prevention and Control of Deafness(For the Medical Officers) under the ministry of health & family welfare, govt. Of India, 2008.
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Guest Editorial

  1. Emergencies in ENT practice: Journal of International medical science academy, Vol 16, No.4 Dec 2003.
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Chapters in Books

  1. Practical Forensic Medicine, 3rd Edition,2013;Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi Objective Structured Practical Examination Gulati A, Chadha SK, Agarwal AK, Rao NG Page 289.
  2. ENT Diseases. Chapter in Text Book of Pediatrics" Edited by Dr Satya Gupta, 2007.
  3. Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Forensic Medicine. Chapter in "Fundamentals in Forensic Medicine". Edited by Dr Nagesh Rao, 2006.
  4. Chronic suppurative Otitis Media-A monograph, 2005.
  5. Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Ophthalmology. Chapter in "Diseases of the Eye", Edited by Dr AK Gupta, 2004.
  6. Project Vision millennium-Chapter in Textbook of ENT.2001.
  7. Standard treatment guidelines; BI Publications, Chapter in ENT STG's.

Films Produced and Directed

  1. Produced and Directed a documentary film titled "To be or not to be" based on the End of life issues, 2005.
  2. Have made about 20 CD's on various topics in ENT, Medical education, and general topic.

Dr. J.M. Kaul (Academic Officer)

Research Highlights

Supervision of Ph.D Thesis

  1. The effect of sodium Arsenate on the Neural tube in Mouse Embryo.
  2. Effect of Chloroquine and Prednisolone in cerebral Malaria on the cerebellar purkinje.
  3. Electron microscopic study of the effects of Electromagnetic field on Gonadal development and Gametogenesis.

Supervision of MD Thesis

  1. A morphometric and Immunohistochemical study of the developing endocrine pancreas at Various gestational ages.
  2. Study of the surgical Anatomy of frontal Recess in Relation to endoscopic frontal sinus surgery.
  3. Histogenesis of gastroesophageal junction and gastric mucosa- a fetal study.
  4. Correlation of histological changes in testis with immunofluorescence study of sperm acrosome in male infertility.
  5. Development of follicular cells and its relationship with developing thyroid follicles in human fetuses.
  6. Transnasal, Transphenoidal Approach to Pituitary an Anatomical Study.
  7. The Incidence of Luteinized un ruptured follicles in Infertile Patient and its correlation with their Hormonal Status and Anatomical variations in Reproductive organs.
  8. To study the effect of various fixatives on Different Human Tissues- A Histological Study.
  9. Study of surgical Anatomy of Cochlea as applied to cochlear Implant Surgery.
  10. Cytogenetic pattern profiling in cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Pediatric age group.
  11. Morphological maturation of Rostral part of Nucleus of the Solitary Tract and concomitant Taste bud Development in Human fetus.
  12. Anatomical considerations of facial and aponeurotic condensations in the Inguinal region with special reference to iliopubic tract and conjoint tendon with its clinical implication.
  13. Assisted in Thesis titled "Chromosomal Psoriasis before and after PUVA therapy".
  14. Macroanatomy of stapes and its implications to the neighboring structures.
  15. Dermatoglyphics in case of congenital talipes equino varus".
  16. Histogenesis and surgical anatomy of ethmoid air cells in Indian population".
  17. Anatomical assessment of air way passage for blind Nasal intubations.
  18. Histogenesis and surgical anatomy of ethmoid air cells in Indian population anatomical assessment of air way passage for blind nasal intubations.
  19. Surgical Anatomy and Biometric assessment of Frontal Sinus drainage pattern in Indian Population.
  20. Histogenesis and maturation of General sensory, Visual and Auditory Cortex : A comparative study in Humans.
  21. To study morphological and immunophenolytic expression of latent breast lesions. (neoplastic disease reservoir).
  22. Anatomic configuration of the extensor tendons of fingers and their dorsal digital expansions: A cadaveric study.
  23. Morphology and Morphometry of Hyoid bone in Indian Population.
  24. Expression of N CAM and synaptophysin in developing human auditory cortex during prenatal period.
  25. Morphological and morph metrical study of human prenatal kidney.
  26. Anatomical consolidations of facial and aponeurotic condensations in the inguinal region with special reference to inguinal ligament.
  27. Ultra structural changes in placenta of Diabetic mothers.
  28. Morphological maturation and synaptogenesis of human cochlear ganglion : A Light Microscopic study.
  29. Morphological maturation of the hippocampus during 2nd and 3rd trimester in human foetus : An immunocytochemistry study.
  30. Histogenesis of enteric nervous system in the human stomach : Fetal study.
  31. Rapid Golgi staining of rostral part of nucleus of the solitary tract in developing human fetus. Dr.Rakhee sharma, Dr. J.M. Kaul, Dr. Sabita Mishra.
  32. Efficacy of immediate versus 24 hour culture method in diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Dr Shweta Jha, Dr J M Kaul, Dr Dinesh Kumar, Dr T Singh, Dr A P Dubey.
  33. Morphological maturation of hippocampus in mid trimester human fetuses:an immunocytochemical study. Dr Shilpi, Dr S. Mishra, Dr JM Kaul.
  34. Sperm Acrosome Reaction in male infertility. Dr. Arpita Mahajan, Dr. S. Kakar, Dr. J.M.Kaul,Dr. Sabita Mishra.
  35. Cytogenetic pattern profiling in cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in pediatric age group.Dr Shweta Jha, Dr J M Kaul, Dr Dinesh Kumar, Dr T Singh, Dr A P Dubey.
  36. Development of taste buds in developing Human Fetus. Dr. Rakhee Sharma, Dr. J. M.Kaul, Dr. Sabita Mishra.
  37. Prenatal development of the human endocrine pancreas: A morphological andimmunohistochemical study. Dr. Swati Tiwari, Dr. J.M.Kaul, Dr. Sabita Mishra.

Research Schemes

  1. "Evaluation of Effects of Environmental pollutants in the pathogenesis of various Cardio-Respiratory Diseases in Traffic Police personnel. Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Dr JM Kaul, Dr D Robinson Funding agency- Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.
  2. "Expression of synaptophysin, MAP II., BDNF and Parvalbumin in the human auditory cortex.Dr Sabita Mishra, Dr J M Kaul, supported by Govt of NCT under the plan scheme strengtheningof Medical Research at MAMC.
  3. Recognized the need for learning at one's own pace. Allowed & created situation where students would be able to learn at their own pace through a WHO Project and incorporated these concepts every day learning.
  4. Synaptogenesis of human cochlea during prenatal period Dr S Mishra and Dr J M Kaul supported by Govt of NCT under the plan scheme strengthening of Medical Research at MAMC.
  5. Maturation of human auditory cortex during prenatal period Dr S Mishra and Dr J M Kaul supported by Govt of NCT under the plan scheme strengthening of Medical Research at MAMC.
  6. Assessment of numerical and structural chromosomal abnormality in primary and secondary infertility by basic karyotype techniques Dr Dinesh Kumar, S Mishra and Dr J M Kaul supported by Govt of NCT under the plan scheme strengthening of Medical Research.
  7. Maturation of auditory cortex and chick embryo explants supported by Govt of NCT under the plan scheme strengthening of Medical Research.
  8. Ultra structural changes of human diabetic placentae funded by CSIR.


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  21. "Fetus as a nutritional victim" - J M kaul, I Bahl, M Kaul. In 'Delta group exhibition proceedings' March 87.
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  26. "Glenohumeral Articulation" -a study at 36th ASI at New Delhi.
  27. Role of Student leaders in small group teaching in dissection hall for active learning process -J M Kaul, S Bhardwaj & I Bahl as abstract in 38th National conference of anatomical society.
  28. Role of ultra sound in teaching of anatomy - I Bahl, S Bhardwaj & J M Kaul as abstract in 38th National conference of anatomical society of India.
  29. Anatomy and shortage of trained teachers - S Bhardwaj, I Bhal, J M Kaul Abstract of in 38th National conference of anatomical society of India.
  30. The effects of "Lipadex" an ayaurvedic medicine on the liver, kidney and stomach of white mice - J M Kaul, S Bhardwaj & I Bhal Accepted at International symposium of Anatomy at Nancy, France in 1990.
  31. Importance of small groups for better comprehension of study of Microanatomy for undergraduate students - S Bhardwaj, J M Kaul & I Bhal.
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Dr. Yogesh Yadav (Anatomy)

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Dr. Saroj (Anatomy)

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